i like that we say “oh, man” to express disappointment

because men are disappointing


its a metaphor, you see. you place your cursor right upon the killing thing, but you dont actually click on it.

We are twenty | one | pilots. And so are you. |-/




Why is the fitness/weight loss community not freaking out over Nicole Polizzi (Snookie)? Look at her. She’s lost well over 40 pounds and is happily gaining muscles and promoting a healthy image and a healthy lifestyle. ALL of these fitness photos of her are from AFTER she had her baby and oooohhh she’s looking fine. Definitely an inspiration to me.

Snookie gettin it

I’m so glad she’s promoting being healthy rather than being skinny though



I don´t know if someone has already mentioned this, but I was watching Frozen when I noticed something. When the wind opens the window, the White Queen (which symbolizes the Queen Elsa) falls from the chess board. Clever detail Disney.

Your sister is dead because of you!  Requested by killed-8y-8r8k-spider.

animators are too damn clever for their own good


i spent so long coloring this gif of gerard way from the blood video in photoshop but its gonna take me so much longer to finish i probably won’t do it until the semester is over so im just posting the line version to get it off my desktop because its still fun 


Makeup at Versace RTW S/S 2010



Tumblr doesn’t talk enough about christian privilege tbh

it’s tough though because i feel like a lot of agnostics like me with a christian background (even though im also ethnically jewish) also have some access to chrisitian privilege as well (i…